Good Grief (unlimited, free support)
While we are not affiliated with Good Grief, we are linking to their site as an additional resource for our families and others in need. From their site: "Good Grief’s mission is to provide unlimited and free support to children, teens, young adults, and families after the death of a mother, father, sister, or brother through peer support programs, education, and advocacy."

American Addiction Centers (AAC)
In their words... "The largest collection of online resource for those suffering from substance use and mental health disorders. Our goal is to guide as many people to help as soon as possible before more lives are lost to drug overdoses. We offer a wide range of information on our sites – from facility reviews to forums – to help millions of families make more informed decisions about treatment."

Indiana Center for Recovery
"Cyberbullying victims were almost twice as likely to have attempted suicide compared to youth who had not experienced cyberbullying.

Researchers discovered that people, in general, are facing increasing levels of emotional distress, including loneliness, that are associated with frequent social media use. As individuals have felt more socially isolated in a physically distant world, they have turned to online platforms in order to fill a need to interact. But, the effect of this is an increased risk for adverse health consequences as a result.

Our team of expert writers have researched and created a new 2021 guide on:
Social Media Addiction And Cyber Bullying Guide"

Recovery Zone Solutions
"We provide a unique year-long medically assisted treatment (MAT) program that delivers long-term recovery from opioid and alcohol addiction, at success rates well beyond those of the current industry." "Implant blocks opioid receptors & satiates cravings." "Implant makes opioid, suboxone & alcohol use ineffectual."

The Recovery Village - Grief and Addiction
We are not affiliated with The Recovery Village and are unfamiliar with their organization. But we are including a link to their site as addiction is presently such a great problem for so many. The Recovery Village offers personalized addiction treatment.